Postpartum Support

As a full spectrum doula I offer spiritual, mental, and emotional support to Birthing people and people with newborns (including those who are gender non-conforming) in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a person who serves, doulas are here to help you feel safe, protected, and secure in your knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and the physical & emotional changes you might be going through. Please click any investment button below to view the cost of our offerings.


Closing Ceremony

A curated restorative experience designed to love you, hold you, honor your pregnancy and childbirth journey, and celebrate parenthood.

Closing Ceremony* 

The closing ceremony is a way of honoring a Birther's intense and expansive work and it helps to physically and emotionally close their body after being open and vulnerable during pregnancy and birth. This opening often leaves Birthers feeling low energy, out-of-body, emotional, and restless. Everything about being pregnant, from the expanding belly, the widening of the pelvis, cervix, and uterus, to a rapidly growing newborn is about transition and opening up. Adjusting to these series of changes during a short period of time can prove to be challenging. It is important that Birthers have the space to take the time to honor this transition into parenthood and set their own pace. After childbirth, indigenous medicine and generations of wise folks practice closing up the Birther. This practice can be performed in a variety of ways. I offer the Birther a guided mediation during a yoni steam followed by an herbal bath, rebozo bone closing, and finally a womb massage and belly bind. 

I use the traditional Mexican method of practicing a Cerrada ceremony however similar methods can be found in places like Nigeria, India, and Brazil to name a few. The ceremony takes about 2-3 hours and is practiced immediately after birth and can be continued through forty days postpartum. This service can also be for Birthers who are still recovering from traumatic or challenging births no matter how long ago they occurred. This process is especially important for Birthers who experienced an intense opening in their womb area. This can occur during cesarean birth, sexual assault, miscarriages, and childbirth or with Trans Birthers.

*Please note this ceremony is included in our Birth Support Doula package


  • Ease the bones of the hips and the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis back into alignment

  • Restore warmth back to Birthers body

  • Enhance baby bonding

  • Increase milk production

  • Relax in a respectful, inclusive, peaceful, and collaborative environment at home

  • Womb healing (energy support to address in trauma being held in the womb)

  • Receive non-synthetic, non-chemical, viable alternatives for easing your pregnancy

  • Receive aromatherapy to help to ease difficult symptoms of pregnancy

  • Relax in a supportive and nurturing environment

  • Renewed strentgh and vitality

  • Helps prevent womb ailments

  • Helps provide closure emotionally and spiritually

  • Helps provide clarity and confidence in transition into parenthood


Postpartum Doula

The time after birth, the "4th trimester", should be, as it is in many indigenous cultures, a time of rest and recovery while you and baby get to know each other and discover the way your life blooms with the new addition at your own pace.


Postpartum Doula Service

As a postpartum doula I offer in-home support during the time after the birth of your new baby. This support is meant to empower you in your transition into parenthood. I offer both an intuitive and evidence based approach to care including: newborn care information, practical support within the household, and a space for processing the birth experience. The presence of a doula in your home during the first moments you share with your newborn is intended to create a comfortable, peaceful environment enabling a healthy bond between baby and parent(s). Postpartum doula services are especially great for parents with multiples, Birthers recovering from cesarean sections or otherwise challenging births, parents who do not have local family support, Birthers with concerns about the "Baby Blues", and people who are new to caring for infants. Please note that this service is not meant to take the place of babysitting services or housekeeping services. All visits will be paid for by the hour for an agreed upon period of time and includes unlimited email and phone support for the time we are hired.


  • Breastfeeding support

  • Receive help with newborn care techniques (swaddling, bathing, and baby wearing, etc.)

  • Learn infant soothing strategies

  • Learn ideas for caring for multiple infants

  • Assistance caring for the baby or babies while you sleep or bathe

  • Learn resources for physical postpartum recovery

  • Simple meal preparation and planning

  • Assistance with keeping up with baby's laundry

  • Setup and cleaning of breast pump if applicable

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Please use this form to inquire about our Birth Support Services or set up a consultation.