Letthemflourish Tea Bar Catering

Thank you for your interest in offering Letthemflourish Teas at your next event. We currently service NYC/NJ/PHILLY/DMV areas.Offering tea to the community is the most important thing to us. We offer hot and iced tea full bar service with premium spirits or virgin. Our goal is to provide access to holistic healing through common everyday means, such as drinking tea. Your event will allow more people to have access to plant wisdom and mindfulness practices. View Catering Menu + Pricelist (PDF)


We spend hours every week researching, sourcing, blessing, and blending the best sacred plants from around the world to create specialty teas that are fair-trade, organic, and gmo-free. Each fragrant blend has unique properties to promote your physical and spiritual well being. Please email us if you have any questions about our bar service or catering menu.