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Octavia's Looking Glass: A Healing Circle Series

  • Bayview Association for Youth 1201 Mendell Street San Francisco CA (map)

Please join us for the part three of a healing circle centered around connecting to the ancestors. This healing circle is the third in a series of monthly healing circles. Each healing circle will touch on a different theme and offer a variety of tools to aid in a particular aspect of our individual and collective healing.

This ceremony offers us the opportunity to use the source of community to amplify our intentions. Gathering and sharing our intentions and visioning allows us to release blockages in our energetic body and heal ourselves by aligning our body with the life force of the nature and Spirit. Deep in our lineages we carry fear responses that are so deeply buried that we do not even realize they exist and yet there they are, waiting to trip us up. During our time in sacred circle together we will specifically address three lineages (the three streams that make up who we are in this lifetime. (DNA Lineage, Cultural Lineage, Soul Lineage). You are invited to make earth offerings or join us in chanting, drumming and song. Please bring an offering for our community altar, drums or rattles and a piece of nature. You may also enjoy a cup of tea, specially blended to aid in our connection to our ancestors. If you can't make this one invite a friend and we will see you next month (every 4th Sunday). With gratitude!