"No Sainthood For Genocide", Jessica Sabogal

"No Sainthood For Genocide", Jessica Sabogal

The Intention

Letthemflourish began as a blog in 2011 as a space where our founder, Etecia Brown, shared with you collective knowledge and experiences in the form of art and writing. Continuing the storytelling tradition, our blog is a therapeutic online offering designed in an effort to promote our flourishing.  This site serves as a tool to transform lives through collective healing in a way that recognizes the way all life is connected across borders and beyond politics. Letthemflourish reminds us of our individual and collective commitment to love, divinely, so that we may laugh, know peace, and form spiritual unions. Letthemflourish is an affirmation emphasizing that we are beings of light and that we have power to heal ourselves and each other. We host free monthly healing circles in San Francisco every 4th Sunday. Please join our email list to receive updates, healing tips, and opportunities to connect with community. You may also book an appoint with us online to receive birth support services, energy healing, consulting and more by visiting the "Offerings" tab. 

The Vision

We are raising funds to open a full service "brick and mortar" holistic wellness center and birthing temple in San Francisco's Bayview community.  This wellness center will be a collaborative holistic healing space offering a variety of services to individuals and groups to restore our community. Using the medicine wheel approach to connect to indigenous and ancient wisdom and practices we are creating a new model of health care, one that has far-reaching possibility, expansive wellness options, and based on a culturally competent personalized health care plan. We are committed to using our healing gifts imparted to us from our ancestors as well as our formal academic institutional training to educate, empower, and partner with our patients and our Black and Brown communities on the path to radical healing and wellness. Letthemflourish Holistic Wellness Center will use preventative patient-centered health care dedicated to furthering evidenced based research and education in holistic integrative medicine. Holistic means addressing social and environmental conditions including but not limited to health, education, housing, racism, misogyny, homophobia, hetronormativity, and environmental injustice. Holistic care is now finally being embraced by Western medical institutions in recognition that determinants of health lie not only in our external environment but also our spiritual wellness. 

Medicine Wheel Approach

•Physical: focus on being in tune to our body, grounded in the earth and our connection to all the living

•Emotional: focus on how we observe our environment and release tension and stress related to our observations. Expressing and letting go rather than internalizing.

•Mental: focus on organizing and creating perspective. Aligning with the intentions we set for ourselves. 

•Spiritual: focus on reconnecting to Source power. The light in you, me, and the collective We that sets the universe in motion. Feeling the support that is, was, and will always be.


We appreciate you believing in the vision. Your generous contribution goes towards free community events, birth support scholarships, and our building fund.

2015 NYE Healing Circle, San Francisco Ocean Beach 

2015 NYE Healing Circle, San Francisco Ocean Beach