"No Sainthood For Genocide", Jessica Sabogal

"No Sainthood For Genocide", Jessica Sabogal

Our Story

In 2011 Letthemflourish began as a therapeutic online offering designed in effort to continue the storytelling tradition of our ancestors, a blog of sorts, where our founder, Etecia Brown, shared prose, poetry, essays and art with the community all with the intention to promote our collective flourishing. Today Letthemflourish has expanded offline and into the places that we live, work, and play. We offer a variety of services which include: birth support, reproductive health and fertility coaching, herbal consultations, energy healing, research consulting, workshop facilitation, public speaking, and more. Our online botánica is available here for folks in need of some herbal goodies and Mami Wata adornments. Please join our email list to receive updates, healing tips, and opportunities to connect with community.


At Letthemflourish we are passionate about centering the narrative of Black and Indigenous people who have been historically marginalized in health care reform movements (womyn, queer and trans people, those who are undocumented, homeless, disabled, formerly incarcerated, etc.), with specific intentions to decolonize birthing in the United States and educate communities of color about indigenous technologies and practices that help to reduce unnecessary medical interventions. We are dedicated to providing collaborative, restorative, evidence-based care to under-served communities. We take a compassionate approach to reproductive justice and health education because we believe this is a path to autonomous and truly radical community healing. We believe that holistic means addressing social and environmental conditions at their root. We use the medicine wheel to provide a framework to our use of indigenous practices, therefore, all of the services we offer are based on a culturally competent personalized wellness plan. We are committed to using our healing gifts imparted to us from our ancestors as well as our formal training to educate, empower, and partner with our communities. “Let them flourish” reminds us of our individual and collective commitment to love. As we lead with love may embrace laughter, know peace, and form spiritual unions. “Let them flourish” is an affirmation emphasizing that we are beings of light and all of us have the power to heal ourselves and each other. 

The Vision

We seek to provide all BIPOC with access to holistic health care services (including prevention, promotion, treatment and rehabilitation) of the best quality to effect radical health improvement. We seek to ensure that the use of these services does not expose any user to financial hardship. We seek to establish a sustainable patient-centered health care model that will further evidenced based research and education in holistic integrative medicine. From this model, we seek to unearth the root of illness and conditions plaguing Black and Brown communities regardless of privilege or status.

Letthemflourish Holistic Wellness Center + Birthing Temple

To further make this vision a reality we are in the process of raising funds to liberate land in Bayview Hunter’s Point of San Francisco and build out a community space to offer an accessible means for preventative whole-person wellness by creating and maintaining a holistic health clinic and birthing center dedicated to preserving and utilizing culture as a form of healing.

Core Objectives

  • Engage Black womyn specifically as agents of change in community health;

  • Provide a safe space for BIPOC to engage with holistic integrative medicine;

  • Increase holistic care options in the city of San Francisco particularly in the Southeast sector;

  • Positively impact perinatal outcomes in San Francisco’s Southeast sector;

  • Decrease burden of healthcare costs for BIPOC;

  • Provide evidence-based, high quality gynecological care throughout all phases of a person’s life regardless of gender or sexual orientation;

  • Flourish.


We appreciate you believing in the vision. Your generous contribution goes towards free community events, birth support scholarships, and our building fund.

2015 NYE Healing Circle, San Francisco Ocean Beach

2015 NYE Healing Circle, San Francisco Ocean Beach