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My clients invest in their birth the same way they might a home, car, or dream vacation. They value patience and dedication and understand the detailed care that is needed to honor and prepare on all levels for their birth. They see themselves as worthy of the support they desire and cherish the way that they will bring new life earth side. Please note that for all of our services you may be able to qualify for one of our payment plan options. We are also open to Trading + Bartering. 

Birth Support

Birth Doula Service Package

With the support of a doula, Birthing people are less likely to have synthetic medications and hormones administered and also less likely to have a cesarean birth. The services I offer are designed to be culturally competent and inclusive of all families including single parent Birthers and folks who are gender non-conforming to help you have a positive childbirth experience. This service includes two 2-hour prenatal visits, me being "on call" from 2 weeks before the estimated due date until labor, me being present the entire labor and delivery (can range up to 4 days+), and one 2-3 hour postpartum visit which includes a closing ceremony, as well as unlimited email and phone support from the time we are hired until the child is born. If Birthers need more or less support I am happy to arrange that as well. Please email us to set up a consultation. 

*Ask about our teenage mom scholarships and low income parent discounts.


Postpartum Doula Service

As a postpartum doula I offer in-home support during the time after the birth of your new baby. This support is meant to empower you in your transition into parenthood. I offer both an intuitive and evidence based approach to care including: newborn care information, practical support within the household, and a space for processing the birth experience. The presence of a doula in your home during the first moments you share with your newborn is intended to create a comfortable, peaceful environment enabling a healthy bond between baby and parent(s). Postpartum doula services are especially great for parents with multiples, Birthers recovering from cesarean sections or otherwise challenging births, parents who do not have local family support, Birthers with concerns about the "Baby Blues", and people who are new to caring for infants. Please note that this service is not meant to take the place of babysitting services or housekeeping services. All visits will be paid for by the hour for an agreed upon period of time and includes unlimited email and phone support for the time we are hired. Please email us to set up a consultation. 

Night Shift (Singleton)

Night Shift (Twins)

Day Shift

Closing Ceremony 

The closing ceremony is a way of honoring a Birther's intense and expansive work and it helps to physically and emotionally close their body after being open and vulnerable during pregnancy and birth. This opening often leaves Birthers feeling low energy, out-of-body, emotional, and restless. Everything about being pregnant, from the expanding belly, the widening of the pelvis, cervix, and uterus, to a rapidly growing newborn is about transition and opening up. Adjusting to these series of changes during a short period of time can prove to be challenging. It is important that Birthers have the space to take the time to honor this transition into parenthood and set their own pace. After childbirth, indigenous medicine and generations of wise folks practice closing up the Birther. This practice can be performed in a variety of ways. I offer the Birther a guided mediation during a yoni steam followed by an herbal bath, rebozo bone closing, and finally a womb massage and belly bind. Please email us to set up a consultation. 



Queer Family Planning

Deciding to start a family can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. It is important to me that individuals and couples that you have a safe space to receive emotional and spiritual support that honors their journey and decision to make love bloom. I provide private counseling to female, male, and gender non-conforming adults who identify as apart of the LGBTQIA2S community with attention to cultural norms and needs in a respectful manner. During our time together I will provide information regarding basic anatomy, conception methods, pregnancy testing, birthing options, and appropriate referral(s). establishing and maintaining optimum nutrition and spiritual practices, healthy sex practices, routine fertility treatment options, navigating insurance coverage, as well as legal resources. This counseling service includes 2 preconception appointments (in person or on video), unlimited email and phone support until 8 weeks after conception, and 1 appointment during the first trimester. Please email us to set up a consultation. 

Placenta Medicine Package

Placenta encapsulation is the process of dehydrating the placenta and grounding it into a fine powder then placing it in a capsule (pill). This is a practice that dates back centuries in the Chinese Medicine tradition. It is completely safe and carries with it so many gifts for you and your baby. Many cultures such as the Navajo, Igbo of Nigeria, the Maori, and the Quecha people of Bolivia, honor the placenta in a variety of practices from burying it to creating a broth. Although only some cultures have an ancient tradition of consuming their placenta, most all indigenous people believe the placenta is a sacred and vital life giving force. 

As a trained placenta medicine maker it is my honor to support you in your commemorating and/or consuming your placenta. I believe that you should always be given the option of informed consent. I encourage you to take your placenta home with you from your place of birth (if not at home) regardless of if you want to consume it or not. Most hospitals will incinerate the placenta or use it for research. You can create your own ritual or ceremony to honor the placenta. I have had clients take the dehydrated placenta powder and use it to fertilize their garden or plant a tree. Please email us to set up a consultation. 

  • 70-100 placenta-filled capsules

  • Placenta Tincture

  • Umbilical Cord Keepsake

Tree of Life Print

Food safe paint will be used to make a beautiful print of your placenta



The placenta will be boiled for a couple of hours in water and herbs. The broth is strained and bottled immediately. 



Photo Book

A hard cover professionally bund book capturing memories of labor, delivery, and first moments with newborn.


Video Journal

Capturing video of labor, delivery, and first moments with newborn 


Belly Cast Art

A pregnancy belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting Birther's belly bump. Our pregnancy belly cast enables Birthers to create a lasting memory of their pregnancy in the privacy of their home in as little as 30 minutes

Documentation Package  

Includes all documentation items listed above

Mami Box 

Designed with love for expecting Birthers, this package includes sacred natural tools to aid in you and your baby's spiritual and physical wellness. Included in this package is our prenatal tea is designed to support your pregnancy, traditionally used to prepare the womb for child birth. We take special care to choose organic herbs that are safe and nourishing help tone the uterus and prepare the womb for childbirth. A sweet and spicy blend of cardamom ginger and raspberry leaf is a gentle support for a healthy pregnancy. Our postpartum tea has been designed to cleanse your system after delivery while boosting your milk supply. A minty blend of mint and fenugreek this tea will have you feeling at your optimum health in no time. Each of our teas are blended by hand and, unlike most tea bags which hold only tea dust, our loose tea features whole leaves and the highest quality organic GMO-free ingredients. 

  • dream pillow for newborn baby

  • prenatal tea

  • postpartum tea

  • Milkflow Bar™

  • healing crystal for Birther and baby

  • organic gmo-free handmade nipple balm

  • rebozo (belly wrap/baby wrap)

  • organic gmo-free handmade belly balm

  • aromatherapy oil

  • Meditation Bath salt

  • hand-rolled beeswax Born Day Blessing candle

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Healing Arts

Family Constellation

In a deep genealogy coaching process, you will work one-on-one with practitioners to navigate your personal ancestral remembrance process. Seeing patterns of past trauma and intergenerational trauma. Deep Genealogy coaching consists of individual sessions (in person, on internet, or by phone) that include dream work, ritual, genealogical & academic research, and spiritual support. Between sessions, you will be given assignments to support your process.

60 minutes


Intuitive Face Painting

Intuitive painting is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. Your face becomes a canvas and immediately you release your attachment to judgment and planning. Intuitive face painting serves as a blessing or anointing which allows you to open more to Spirit and self compassion. Each paint marking you receive is an expression of divine wisdom. When you look at yourself in the mirror you are making what is unconscious conscious. We offer intuitive face painting with henna paste as well as paint. When making your appointment don't forget to specify which one you would like. We are also available for large or intimate events.


Herbal Consultations

The intention of these sessions is to awaken each client to the healing power of plants and to empower each client to take their ability to heal into their own hands. A session with practitioners also involves health education and counseling about making healthy choices in one's life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You must book a minimum of 3 appointments.

60 mins/per consultation

Once we receive your payment you will receive an email confirmation and 3 available appointment slots for you to choose one. With gratitude!

Classes & Workshops

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