If you are silent about your pain they will kill you and say you enjoyed it.
— Zora Neale Hurston

I organize, I create, I write, I fight, I teach, and I LOVE because our people deserve to be free and flourish. We must lead with an undying love for our people. I am because you are. 

Etecia Brown, founder of Letthemflourish, was a featured panelists at the "Healing Power of Doulas" event hosted by the University of California San Francisco Preterm Birth Initiative for the January Collaboratory. This event was centered around the power, impact, and importance of community birth workers as one solution to the Black maternal mortality epidemic in the U.S.

Addressing Racism and Homelessness event on Oct 17th, 2016 at Herbst Theater, San Francisco.

Tribe City Festival 2016 was a space to bring Black + Brown folk together in celebration of our resiliency and brilliance. A space for healing and collective efficacy. We are all one Tribe.


A salon at Hamlin Girls School in San Francisco discussing the importance of being a global citizen and becoming an agent of progressive social change. 2016.

"Da Cotton Pickas", a 2015 documentary film by San Francisco native, Robert Bowden, exploring sharecropping in the United Sates and the great migration of Black folks to California.


Black Love Festival 2015, a space for radical love and healing for the Black Bay Area


On December 2nd, 2015, 5 San Francisco Police Officers gunned down 26 year old Bayview resident Mario Woods in broad daylight. Mario's family/loved ones, the Bayview community, Black San Francisco residents, and allies across the nation demand #JUSTICE4MARIOWOODS


Vigil for Mario Woods in BayView, San Francisco, California. December 3rd 2015.


"Preventing Future Fergusons: Holding Local Officials Accountable San Francisco" presented by the Democratic Club of San Francisco. 2015


Black Lives Matter rally at San Francisco City Hall featuring many women leaders, including Phelicia Jones of SEIU 1021 and Etecia Brown, Bay Area Organizer of Black Lives matter. 


DeAnza College Student Symposium, "Collective Efficacy in the Movement of 'Black Lives Matter'". 2015


'Millions March' Oakland December 14 2014. Fragments of the speeches made by women on the steps of the Alameda County Court House


San Francisco 'Millions March' December 14 2014