Who we serve?

Our collective is based out of  Bayview Hunter's Point but our hope is that we will attract clients from all over the Bay Area + beyond.

We chose to serve the Bayview community because of the lack of holistic health care clinics in the neighborhood especially those targeted to maternal care. The Bayview community is home to predominantly Black and Brown folks and it is important to us that these persons especially are able to have access to health care that is intentional in incorporating cultural practices that promote health and wellness in a sustainable way. Many residents in the Bayview suffer from personal trauma in addition to intergenerational and familial trauma. It is our goal to unpack these patterns of trauma and offer radical healing to all those in need of new tools to navigate their lived experience. We are currently in the process of connecting with more practitioners of color so that they too may offer their services as apart of the collective, please stay tuned for our updated list of services. 



Healing Services


LET'S JOURNEY | Intuitive Face Painting

Intuitive painting is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. During this appointment your face becomes a canvas with the intention that you will begin to release your anxiety and attachment to judgment and planning. Intuitive face painting serves as a blessing or anointing which allows you to open more to Spirit and self compassion. Each paint marking you receive is an expression of divine wisdom. When you look at yourself in the mirror you are making what is unconscious conscious. Etecia offers intuitive face painting with henna paste as well as body safe paint. When making your appointment don't forget to specify which one you would like. Etecia is also available for both large and intimate events.


  • Experience opening yourself to the unknown

  • Learn to devote yourself to the practice of entering into intimate communion with the inner world of your heart, your mind and spirit

  • Learn to embrace those qualities and experiences that stretch you outside of what is easy, comfortable and familiar

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LET'S NOURISH | Herbal Consultations

The intention of these sessions is to awaken each client to the healing power of plants and to empower each client to take their ability to heal into their own hands. A session with Etecia also involves herbal education and counseling about making healthy choices in one's life.


  • Improve the overall health of the body

  • Learn practical uses for specific herbs to meet your needs

  • Help combat stress and negative energy through the development of ritual and practice

  • Help restore functions of the body

  • Strengthen body's systems

  • Support spiritual and emotional wellness


LET'S RELEASE | Family Constellation

In a deep genealogy coaching process, you will work one-on-one with practitioners to navigate your personal ancestral remembrance process. Seeing patterns of past trauma and intergenerational trauma. Deep Genealogy coaching consists of individual sessions (in person, on internet, or by phone) that include dream work, ritual, genealogical & academic research, and spiritual support. Between sessions, you will be given assignments to support your process.


  • Improve your relationships (parents, partner, children, colleagues, etc.)

  • Empowerment through storytelling

  • Acquire a healing inner image of your family

  • Stop the cycle of trauma with you

  • Liberate your descendants from the burdens of your past

  • Transform your perspective and reprogram self dialogue

  • Increase your empathy, love and compassion

  • Opening your heart to love


OCTAVIA'S LOOKING GLASS | A Healing Circle Series

Healing Circles are found in the Native American cultures of the US and Canada as well in the Aboriginal cultures of Australia. Circles provide a space for dialogue and discussion as a way to generate healthy critical thinking and action planning for the purposes of individual and collective healing. Everyone present is a part of the community and are given a voice in the circle. The process builds on values of respect, honesty, listening, truth, sharing, and love. All participation in the circle is voluntary. Each circle is free to the community led by a facilitator who directs the movement of a talking piece. Only the person holding the object is allowed to speak. As the talking piece makes it around the circle the group discusses different topics. Through sharing the participants are able to develop a strategy for addressing the healing that needs to talk place in their lives. PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON FOR UPDATED SCHEDULE.


  • Learn to value and regularly use pro-active, positive ways to build and maintain a peaceful home life

  • Develop and enhance positive connections with friends, family, and ancestors

  • Develop an understanding of the principles of self love and vocabulary of Ancient Native American, West African, and Ayurvedic spiritual practices

  • Learn how to use restorative questions to support self healing, conflict resolution, and healthy communication

  • Identify the impact of trauma and recognize and combat triggering

  • Develop ideas for resilience

  • Learn when to ask for help

  • Learn when to practice self care (take time for self discovery)

  • Develop tools for self care

  • Identify helpful and harmful relationships

  • Learn how to express true emotions


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It is our hope that healing becomes at the center of community building and professional development. As a whole, our society must get to the root of our problems so that we may all do our part in bringing more light to the world. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, musician, or executive it is urgent that you lead with love.  We are committed to helping organizations develop and implement practices that contribute to the healing of the most marginalized communities in the Bay Area and throughout the country. 


LET'S ENRICH | Public Speaking

The founder of Letthemflourish, Etecia, is an experienced community leader. Etecia brings a foundational understanding of knowledge around social equity to her role, built through experience in birth work, research, and community organizing as well as through partnerships with the St. Mary's College of California and the University of California San Francisco and various San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, Philadelphia, and DMV community based organizations. Her knowledge and passion is rooted in experiential learning and Black feminist theory.  Please email us to schedule a 30 minute consultation to explain your event and receive a quote.

Etecia speaks on the following topics:

  • Black Reproductive Health

  • Queer Family Planning & Reproductive Justice

  • Spirituaility of Health & Wellness

  • Environmental Racism & Social Determinants of Health

  • Institutionalized sexism & heteronormativity

  • Institutionalized Racism

  • Housing Justice, Gentrification & Displacement

  • Grassroots Community Organizing & Movement Building


LET'S ACTIVATE |Trainings & Workshops


Trained as a researcher and program developer, Etecia's professional expertise includes using strategic approaches and interventions to increase intersectional inclusivity throughout an organization. She has curated and facilitated over 100 trainings for youth and adults in both academic, corporate, and community based institutions.

Etecia facilitates workshops & training on the following topics:

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth: planning, what to expect, indigenous technology & practices

  • Queer Family Planning

  • Creating and sustaining a practice for mental health & wellness

  • Preventing climate change while engaging community

  • Understanding and using Direct action as an organizing tool

  • Understanding and using history as an organizing tool

  • Anti-bias and anti-racist education: designing for inclusivity, in programs and policies

  • Community altar building

LET'S GROW | Community-Based Project Management

Etecia is able to offer you a decade of experience in managing community related projects. Etecia specializes in strategic planning, budget development, guerrilla marketing and brand partnerships. Etecia has overseen both small and large scale projects with teams of 5-50 and budgets up to 500k. As a project manager Etecia will work closely with your organization to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule and in alignment with your vision.  Please email us to schedule a 30 minute consultation to explain your project and receive a quote.

LET'S BUILD | Curriculum Development

Whether it be community programs or professional development Etecia is able to design curriculum that will help engage, empower, and retain your audience. Etecia’s curriculum development process includes the planning, development and production of curriculum materials, processes and best practices that are highly effective in improving participant outcomes. Etecia can help you improve your participant outcomes through the seamless integration of  experience and wisdom with curriculum development.  Please email us to schedule a 30 minute consultation to explain your project and receive a quote.


LET'S DISCOVER | Qualitative & Quantitative Research/ Research Coordination

Founder of Letthemflourish, Etecia, uses a feminist epistemology approach to research with a focus on allowing the subject to tell the story. Her past research project has focused on health disparities, social determinants of health, racial & gender inequality, and education. Etecia uses both qualitative and quantitative methods including field observations, in-depth interviews, literature reviews, and surveys to create an analysis on a particular issue that your organization is hoping to gain a deeper understanding of. Please email us to schedule a 30 minute consultation to explain your project and receive a quote.