Welcome to our Botánica! This space on our site is a spiritual shop designed to help you use holistic healing tools to advance your spiritual and physical well being. All of our products are created to help you cope with the challenges of  modern city life and help you to develop a practice to mind and protect your spirit. Our Botánica provides access to ingredients to construct solutions to navigate problems and invoke your magic. The devotions on display in this shop are a reflection of our ancestors of Africa and the Americas. With gratitude! 


Letthemflourish Teas

We spend hours every week researching, sourcing, blessing, and blending the best sacred plants from around the world to create specialty teas that are fair -trade, organic, and gmo-free. Each fragrant blend has unique properties to promote your physical and spiritual well being. 

There are four types of sacred plants that have been used for 1,000’s of years to aid humanity in their flourishing: food plants, dream and vision plants, teacher plants, and healer plants. The universe is self designed and everything in it is interdependent. Each type of plant contains ancient wisdom meant to nourish our bodies and provide us with the healing we seek. Food plants gives sustenance and strength energizing our physical body; dream and vision plants help reconnect us to our psychic gifts and align with our higher self; teacher plants help to clear our minds and listen to the sacred messages within and around us. Healing plants are medicines of transformation helping to remove energy blockages that manifest as ailments or dis-ease in our bodies.

                                               - Etecia Brown, Letthemflourish Founder & Healer

Mami Wata Adornments

"Mami Wata", the logo for Letthemflourish, is a Black mermaid. We have made products available for purchase depicting this mermaid as a reminder for us to be like the water, flowing with the tide and shifting into our original form. 

Worthy Beings


Shop with our friends at Worthy Beings to receive apparel and home goods designed intentionally to make you feel Worthy. Each item is an affirmation adorning the consumer with sacred reminders of their divinity. 

"Worthy Beings is a place where consumers can buy well made, intentional apparel, accessories and home decor. On a deeper level, it is a Force that inspires our physical, mental and *Spiritual* spaces."    

  -Stephanie Ari Burrell, Worthy Beings Founder & CEO

Subscription Boxes

Mami Wata's Tea Party

Coming Soon

This box set contains the essentials for enjoying rituals by the cup. Each month there will be a different sacred theme containing tools for creating sacred space in your home or while traveling. Sacred space is a place where you practice rituals as a way to honor and mind your spirit. Being a person who walks with intention and spreads love and positivity means that you are a light worker. The tools in this box help aid you in your path of being a light worker and help to purify and hold a sacred container for the space that you are in. You may use these items in a circle, during meditation, on your altar, or give them away as a gift. Each month the box will contain:

  • tea
  • semi-precious stone
  • affirmation card
  • hand-rolled beeswax candle
  • aromatherapy oil or body scrub
  • smudging tool (hand rolled sage bundle, palo santo, etc.)
  • reusable gift box

*Your first box will also include an abalone shell for use when smudging

Mami Box

Currently only accepting orders from our Birthing clients.

Designed with love for expecting Birthers, this package includes sacred natural tools to aid in you and your baby's spiritual and physical wellness. 

  • Dream Pillow for newborn baby
  • Prenatal Tea
  • Postpartum Tea
  • Healing crystal for Birther and Baby
  • Nipple Balm 
  • Rebozo (belly wrap/baby wrap)
  • Belly Balm 
  • Aromatherapy Oil
  • Meditation Bath Salt
  • Hand-rolled beeswax Born Day Blessing Candle

*Teas may also be used as yoni steams